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We understand that being a homeowner comes with a list of responsibilities. Our goal is to make sure you have the resources and information you need to stay on top of your property maintenance.  Here you will find useful information on topics like trash removal, snow removal, landscaping, and more.

Garbage Recycling

Trash + Recycling + Yard Waste Day is Tuesday

Trash, recycling, and yard waste are collected on Tuesdays, with adjustments for public holidays. Notice is typically given by the county and if possible, by the HOA email listserv.

Be nice to your neighbors, it is an HOA policy that garbage cans don't stay out for more than 24 hours; typically from the evening before until the day of collection.


Large Trash Items:

See the HOA Board Members page for county phone numbers - to schedule a large pickup. We are allowed several pickups a year for refrigerators, sofas or other large items.


Fall Foliage

Landscaping Frequency Schedule:

Our landscaper, Green Earth, cuts grass and performs other landscaping maintenance tasks on a seasonally appropriate basis, from spring until fall.

Fall Leaf Collection:

The Fall 2023 leaf pickup, for the single family homes, was a trial arrangement to determine the community value of a neighborhood leaf pick up. Many neighbors participated in the two scheduled pickups and it was an overall success. The Board is currently discussing whether or not to continue this service in the future.

Free Yard Waste Collection:

The County collects bagged or containerized yard waste, including leaves, every week on trash day, during the growing season. It must be bagged in paper or collected in plastic trash cans. Branches must be bagged, canned, or cut to 4 foot lengths and bundled together with twine.

Residents are responsible for any leaf gathering or yard waste collection they need done.

Shovelling Snow

Community Snow Removal

  1. Hollybrooke HOA snow removal has changed over time. The HOA currently contracts to remove sidewalk snow when there is over about 2 inches of snowfall.

  2. Each homeowner is otherwise responsible, by county ordinance, to clear snow on their adjacent sidewalks - separate from the HOA's efforts.

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