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Greater Derwood Station 

HOA Map (1).jpg

Derwood Station is a neighborhood consisting of three distinct geographical areas each with different homeowners’ associations (HOA); however, all were built by the same developer Walter J. Magruder, Jr. and have similar architectural characteristics.  

  • The first section consists of 46 homes. The HOA was established in 1981 as Derwood Station Homeowners Association, Inc. All of the street names in this HOA have the name “Anamosa” in them, specifically Anamosa Drive, Anamosa Court and Anamosa Way.  These streets are on both sides of Indianola Drive and close to Crabbs Branch Way.

  • The second section, named Derwood Station HOA No. 2, was established in 1983. This HOA represents 222 homes that are situated between Buena Vista Terrace and Algona Court on both sides of Indianola Drive.  

  • The third section in the neighborhood was established in 1984 as Derwood Station South HOA; it is branded as Hollybrooke. This HOA represents 231 homes that are situated between Monona Drive and the end of Indianola Drive on both sides of Indianola Drive.

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