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MTM HOA Management Company:
Contact and Fee Information

HOA Fees are:
  • Paid semi-annually

  • Sent out in June and December

  • Due January 30th, and July 30th

Semi-annual fees:

Houses:                                            $136

Townhouses:                                    $226

Payment Methods:


Check, money order or bank draft payable to:  Derwood Station South

Send along with coupon to:

Derwood Station South
c/o MTM Management
#460, P.O. Box 1457
Commerce, Ga 30529.

No Cash payments accepted.
If you are using online bill pay from your bank, please include your account number in the memo field.


Register and pay online at
You can pay by e-check or credit card
There is a 3.25% processing fee for any credit card payment
There is no processing fee if you pay by e-check
Use your account number (on billing statement) and follow the directions

ACH (Direct Debit):

Print out and mail in the Automated Clearing House (ACH) form below.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Form for electronic payments: (pdf for download)
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